Just another Sunday…

Well…actually it’s not. Today is Father’s Day. I have mixed feelings about Father’s Day. It is one of those days, where I wonder if he remembers us. I know through the wonders of the interwebs, and a quick Facebook stalk that he does, in fact, have other kids. Ones that he (in a Facebook world) are actually around. Around enough to put them as his profile picture. (This sounds dumb, I know.)

Single Mom Father's Day

Am I doing enough to make up for being the single mom?


I distinctly remember getting a (MySpace) message from the other girl- he doesn’t love you, he doesn’t care about you or the baby, find someone who will. I am sure it took a lot of “guts” to say. I am sure she was hurting.  (Find someone who will…that repeats in my mind often.)


Here’s the think though she knows the baby, my son exist. She knows he has nothing to do with him. No visits, so money, nothing. They are both seemingly ok with that fact.

So, again, it is Father’s Day. This day makes me feel horrible. I feel horrible for my son. He has his grandpa, but is that enough? Is that the same? I don’t know. I don’t know that I do enough to be both parents.

Febuary…seems like a good time to talk goals…?

So. We are a month into the new year. Well almost, kind of…tomorrow is the 31st, February starts on Wednesday…whatever. Close enough.

My goals are staying right on the front of my mind. I review them, or the idea of them every single day in my journal. I am trying to write them each week, even better each day. This is a struggle. Other “things” get in the way. I have to really focus to make them the top priority.

My goals are listed below. Not all, as some, I am keeping to myself. Some are not the whole goal, again- just keeping something to myself. 🙂 You’ll notice they are written as if they have already happened, or presently occurring. This helps with manifestation.

*I am debt free.

*My son and I go on yearly vacations. We go up north, Disney, the beach, Florida, NYC-without the worry of cost.

*I have fully completed Body Beast and Core De Force.

*I am a Diamond rank in Beachbody. I am making at least $500 a week!

*I am successful at work.

*I have a successful last semester of school!

*I have developed meaningful friendships.

16049288957_aeaf91aed4 I like this quote…haven’t seen How I Met Your Mother…so take it as you will.

So- these may not seem like anything to you. BUT these are big goals for me. Most of them are more long term. Things I will be working on for awhile- like becoming debt free. I am ashamed of the debt I have, but I am working to break it down. (Blog on house purge soon!)

Another goal- is setting up a routine. My initial goal was to workout most mornings before work. Complete my reading, goals, intentions and writing. All before I took a shower. This is a struggle for me. But I am not giving up. Every day, I am doing a little more to getting into the routine. Waking up and getting going is the hardest part! Each day is new and it is ok if I don’t make it every day.

What would you pick?

I haven’t been getting quite as many Stitch Fixes lately. I switched my frequency to every 3 months. Nothing to do with the service, more to do with me. I have so many clothes, I need to CLEAN OUT my closet and drawers before I add any more to the lot. 😛

With that being said, this will be one of the last Stitch Fix reviews I will have for a while. Again…nothing to do with the service! Just need to organize me.

For my 15th (!!!) Fix, I had my same stylist. I mainly asked for longer, tunic-style tops to cover my stomach area. My stylist mentioned they did not have a ton of these style tops in stock right now. Which was kind of a bummer, but I still received some excellent pieces.


First up- Papermoon Endicor Split Neck Top I really liked the picture of this top. I loved the plaid detail on the top and sleeves. This material was strange…it reminded me a felt, like the stuff you use for craft projects. It was a bit short on me as well.


Verdict: Returned.

Next Papermoon Kennah Woven Knit Top, to start I love this color. It is rich, but not too much. The material was similar to that of the first Papermoon top, (listed above), but just slightly softer. I love the pop of floral on the neck and the back. The back is mixed material matching the floral detail on the front. This can be worn a bit dressier, or more casual…depending on what you pair it with.


Verdict: KEPT! (I’ve already worn this, and received tons of compliments!)

Third, we have the Skies Are Blue Talisa Tie Waist– I was super excited about this one. YAY for the longer, tunic-style I requested. BUT. It’s Skies Are Blue…and for some reason, this brand DOES NOT FIT me correctly.




Verdict: Returned.

Next, we have the Liverpool Antia Skinny Pant in Navy. These are AMAZING. I LOVE the fabric, left like butter. Like LuLaRoe leggings in the form of pants. I didn’t notice they were navy at first, but I like the slightly different color, to switch up from my “normal” black Old Navy Pixie Pants. Love, love, love. <3



Verdict: KEPT

*Update- I wore and washed these once, and there are holes around the back pockets. I contacted Stitch Fix, and they can refund me and said to donate or whatever I chose with them. Their customer service is BEYOND. If I have ever had an issue, they are prompt to reply and “fix” the problem.*

Last, but not least, Coin 1804 Ganiela Textured Open Cardigan. This is a great neutral color, that you can layer with many pieces and colors. It is soft, but with some structure to the fabric…if that makes sense. It is generously fitted, I really should have sized down, but that’s okay. It is a longer cardigan that covers your bottom. Downside- it is the dreaded dryer clean only. (boo…hiss.)


Verdict: KEPT and LOVE!

So, if you are keeping track, I kept three of the five items sent to me. Items returned were returned due to fit issues only. My total was a bit higher for this fix, I rationalized as a Christmas present for myself. (Did I mention, I am cutting back on fixes?)  Because I did not keep all five items, I did not qualify for the 25% discount. (Sad face!)

If you are interested in checking out Stitch Fix for yourself, please consider using my link!


What pieces do you like? What would you have kept or returned? Comment below!

<3 Allyson

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Exploring the Great Outdoors…Indoors

My son LOVES going up north with his Grandpa. He explores the woods, rides his four-wheeler, watches for deer and other animals. He just loves every bit of it. Exposing him to all this can be a bit tricky for suburbia on a winter day. We decided to check out the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center in Detroit.

Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for children. I used the Michigan Activity Pass through our library, and only paid for myself. 🙂 Additional information about hours and admission can be found here. *Side-note: if you haven’t used the Michigan Activity Pass yet, you have to check it out!*

The DNR Outdoor Adventure Center brings the great outdoors from “up north” to Detroit. You are greeted by a majestic elk and some Michigan history. Including the history of the Detroit River, the cargo ships, and even Boblo Island. This section also profiled some famous people in Michigans history, such as Henry Ford, and Madame Marie Cadillac.

From there you can enter more into the Great Outdoors! On the main floor, you can view the aquarium, kayak via a virtual simulation, experience the sand dunes, waterfalls and more. There is an ample play space, kids can climb up the inside of the tree to reach the second floor.

The second floor takes you up to the tree tops, including a swinging bridge you can walk across, overlooking the first floor. (My son loved this, it freaked me out. No, thanks!) There is a decent section about hunting and Smokey the Bear! My son loved the opportunity to use the snowmobile and four-wheeler simulations.

The third floor is an “eagle nest” that overlooks the center. I, sadly, did not get any pictures there.

You can bring snacks or lunches to the center, but may only have them in the cafeteria. There is a small gift shop as well.

In all, we spent about an hour and a half at the center. It is very close to Belle Isle, which would be fun to explore in the warmer weather!

Have you gone to DNR Outdoor Adventure Center before? What were your thoughts?

<3 Allyson

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Much Needed….Winter Break

This post is so delayed! Whoops! But…we made to and through Winter Break. As a teacher…winter break is something you look forward to. Not because you want to get away from your students or away from the work- but we need to be abe to fully recharge! That time between the start of school and end of December is long! I was so thankful to Winter Break so that I could spend some time with my little guy…and sleep. I really wanted to sleep. At my previous job, I alway left the obligation to work all break…there was the expectation to do so… While I did work a bit to get myself caught up, (really, the only time a teacher is caught up is in the summer :P)

We spent a lot of days relaxing and being lazy! It was great! I was excited to have the additional time to be consistent with my workouts and try some new workouts. (Thank goodness for Beachbody On Demand!)

We did venture out a few times. We went to one of our favorite places, The Henry Ford Museum. As a history teacher and just general lover of social studies, this is one of my most favorite places to go. My son loves to explore-he love the planes and farm equipment! Machines! The museum has had a Lego display set up for some time. We love to find the different characters and parts of Detroit in the display.

This trip can be costly if you are not careful. We have a membership that grants us free admission, discounts on meals and the gift shop. With our membership, I don’t feel the need to see everything each day. It is ok for us to explore bits and pieces…knowing that we can come back anytime.


What is your favorite display at The Henry Ford?

<3 Allyson

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